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Quality factors of UHMW-PE pipes

Date:2016-2-25 14:30

Raw materials are the main factor for influencing quality of UHMW-PE pipes, and choice of raw materials is of great importance to quality of PE pipes. Specifications of PE raw materials are various and countless. Raw materials of the same brand can manufacture PE corrugated pipes rather than PE water supply pipes. Manufacturers shall test for many times, so as to choose materials meeting their production of pipes.
Temperature is an important factor for influencing plasticizing of UHMW-PE pipes and production of plastic pipes. When the temperature is too low, plasticizing is not good; when the temperature is too high; material is easy to be resolved. Temperature control shall be confirmed according to original formula, extruder, nose structure, and rotate speed of screws. At the time of processing hard PVC pipes, it is necessary to control materials’ temperature strictly in production because processing temperature and decomposition temperature are almost approximate. And at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to errors of thermometric indicator and position of measuring points.
Raw materials and temperature have great influences on the manufacturing of UHMW-PE. Of course, there are many other influences on plastic pipes.

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