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Plastic pipe is very popular in living areas and industries due to its environmental safety.

Date:2016-2-25 14:31

The plastic pipe in living and industrial applications is very popular due to its environmental safety, and plays an important and irreplaceable role. Particularly in the construction industry, mining industry, UHMW-PE pipe not only can replace large quantity of steel and wood and traditional building material, but also save energy and material, protect the ecological environment, improve the living environment, increase the function and quality of building, reduce the building water supply and drainage, urban water supply and drainage and mine pulp transportation etc. In the growing development of plastics pipes, the environment-friendly plastic pipe replacing cast iron pipe and galvanized steel pipe has become the development trend of new century.
The research and analysis shows that residential water supply pipes have been mainly steel pipes and galvanized pipes for a long period of time. Because of the inner wall rusting, scaling, breeding bacteria and microorganisms and other harmful impurities, the tap water in steel pipeline suffers “secondary pollution". In daily life, the drinking water quality and safety of pipe are the focus of attention. The metal pipe has four fatal weaknesses: Easy rusting, easy corrosion, easy leakage and easy scaling.
Galvanized steel pipe after rusting will breed a variety of microorganisms; pollute the tap water in the pipeline. The bacteria in the contaminated tap water is an invisible killer, threatens constantly people's health. In recent 10 years, some developed countries have successively issued laws or industrial regulations to prohibit the use of galvanized steel pipe as the drinking water delivery pipe, and promote the comprehensive use of high quality pipe featured with no rusting, no corrosion, no leakage, and no scaling, mainly plastic wear-resistant pipe. Therefore, UHMW-PE pipe has been recognized and trusted in a high degree, and developed considerably.

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