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In the treatment of heavy metal pollution, the polyethylene pipe plays an important role.

Date:2016-2-25 14:32

The domestic and foreign scholars have conducted a lot of research on heavy metal pollution control technology. The heavy metal waste water treatment methods being developed and applied at present are still essentially chemical packing method, biological method and electronic chemical method and so on, in which: the electronic chemical method has good treatment effect, low operating cost, producing less amount of sludge, easy operation management and capable of removing various pollutants and other advantages. The majority of environmental protection technology experts and scholars also pay close attention to this method. In this waste water treatment method, the most widely used and most mature method is electrode flocculation method. A high degree of automation is required in this method. The fully automated pipeline for processing heavy metal waste water is selected carefully also. According to the adsorption law of aluminum hydroxide on heavy metal (Zinc ion> Chromium ion> Lead ion> Copper ion > cadmium ion), the corrosion of the pipeline shall be reduced to a minimum degree in cadmium waste water treatment. The UHMW-PE pipe conforms exactly to this requirement.
As long time corrosion on iron pipe and steel pipe is most serious problem, and special steel is too expensive, and does not conform to the policy of many enterprises on reducing cost and increasing efficiency, so the special steel is not considered. Then they turn their eyes to anti-corrosion plastic pipe. In many anti-corrosion plastic pipes, the anti-corrosion performance of UHMW-PE pipe is best.
UHMW-PE pipe in this regard is better than Teflon pipe in most cases. Under continuous load and at long- time operation condition, UHMW-PE pipe has no creep deformation caused by plastic deformation, even more stable, and does not produce cold flow. UHMW-PE pipe has a layer of "natural protective film" and does not need any anti-corrosive paint. UHMW-PE pipe has a very long service life. Under the action of large quantity of cationic flocculent settling caused by the soluble anode (also producing bubbles), preventing the wear by the flocculent settling on the pipe is also a strong point of UHMW-PE pipe. As everyone knows, when the molecular weight of UHMW-PE is bigger, the wear resistance is better, but the liquidity is lower and extrusion molding is more difficult thereby.

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