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Several common additives in the production process of polyethylene pipe

Date:2016-2-25 14:32

There are many forming ways of UHMW-PE pipe. In general, extrusion molding, hollow molding, forming by molding machine, forming by injection molding machine are used. Because the resistance of UHMW-PE pipe against molding pressure is enough, the relative molecular weight is arranged exactly and the wear resistance is high, so the forming by molding machine is used in general.
In forming process of UHMW-PE pipe, additives are added to the formula in order to improve the process performance, less or no melted material attached to metal surface, ensuring the appearance quality of plate. The additives can play the role of lubrication in forming process of melted material, so the pipe can leave the mold easily.
External lubricant
External lubricant added into the resin is to reduce the temperature of the melted material, reduce the friction between the melted material and the surface of equipment, and prevent the melted material to be attached on the metal surface. If paraffin wax or silicone oil etc. is added into the resin, it plays a role of external lubrication.
Coloring agent
Coloring agent for plastic products is a very fine granular colored pigment. It is mixed uniformly into the resin or oil, to get the color of plastic products, for meeting the requirement of working conditions and increasing the appearance attraction. The colored pigment is coloring agent.
The pigment in UHMW-PE pipe is insoluble in water and resin, is a very fine granular colored material. It may be an inorganic or organic compound and can be mixed uniformly into the resin. Dye is a kind of organic compound soluble in water or other solvents. The products can be colored by it both inside and outside.
The material which can delay or stop the aging of plastic products due to oxidation, and is added into the resin to prolong the service life of UHMW-PE plate, is called as antioxidant.
Antistatic agent
One kind of material is added into UHMW-PE pipe. It does not avoid the static electricity on UHMW-PE pipe, but increases the conductivity of the pipe surface and prevents the accumulation of static electricity. This substance is called as antistatic agent.

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