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About the source of polyethylene pipe

Date:2016-2-25 15:21

About the source of UHMW-PE pipe, our Xiaobian leads you to have a look:
The basic theory of UHMW-PE fiber was presented in the 30's of last century.
Gel spinning method and plasticizing spinning method have made significant breakthrough in the technology of UHMW-PE.
In the 70's of last century, Mr. Capaccio and Mr. Ward from University of Leeds in England developed successfully the polyethylene fiber of 100,000 molecular weight;
The polyethylene fiber was developed and put into industrial production in China in 1964;
Gel spinning was invented with decalin as the solvent in Holland in 1975. UHMW-PE fiber was made successfully and applied for the patent in 1979. After ten years of intense research, it was confirmed that gel spinning method is an effective method to produce high strength polyethylene fiber, has industrialized prospects;
Gel pressing ultra- stretching method was used in Japan to produce UHMW-PE fiber with paraffin as solvent in 1983;
UHMW-PE pipe, as chemical new material and new product, was listed as national key scientific and technological achievement promotion plan in Guo Ke Ji Zhi 2001 (2000) No. 056 document issued by Ministry of Science and Technology in China in 2001. The Ministry of Science and Technology of the State Planning Commission put UHMW-PE pipe as the high-tech industrial project to be developed in priority at present.

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