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Three common methods for manufacturing UHMW-PE

Date:2016-2-25 14:11

Let our company’s editor to explain them to you. Three common methods for manufacturing UHMW-PE are as follows:
Blow molding.
When processing UHMW-PE pipes, after the material is extruded from the die, the material will be retracted due to elastic recovery, and there is almost no sagging phenomenon, so favorable conditions are available for blow molding hollow container, especially large container, such as fuel tank and big container. In ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) blow molding, the high performance film with the strength balanced vertically and horizontally can be produced, thereby a long term problem can be solved that the strength of HDPE film is not same in vertical and horizontal directions, easy to cause longitudinal damage.
Gel spinning
The gel spinning - ultra drawing technology to produce high strength, high modulus polyethylene fiber is a new spinning method appeared at the end of the 70's of last century. Netherlands DSM Company applied for a patent as early as in 1979, then America Allied Company, Toyobo-DSM Company, Japan Mitsui Company established jointly by Japan and Netherlands realized industrialized production. The Chemical Fiber Research Institute of China Textile University began to study the project in 1985, and developed gradually its own technology, and produced high performance ultra- high molecular weight polyethylene pipes.
Spinning process
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is put into a suitable solvent to make semi-diluted solution, which is extruded from nozzle hole. Then the spinning solution is quenched in air or water, is solidified into gel raw yarn. In the gel raw yarn, nearly all solvents are included. Therefore, the untwist state of the high molecular chains in UHMW-PE is well preserved. Moreover, when the solution temperature is lower, the chain-folded lamella of UHMW-PE in the gel is formed. In this way, by hot ultra-drawing the gel raw yarn, the high molecular chain is oriented sufficiently and crystalized fully, then the large molecules in folded chains are changed to linear chains, to make high strength and high modulus ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe.

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