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The application of wear resistance pipe

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The application of wear resistane pipe

Slurry transportation: use of pipeline abrasion resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication, without fouling and good environmental stress cracking resistance, resistance to internal pressure intensity is high, the advantages of lightweight, replacing steel pipe and expensive alloy steel, stainless steel tube, etc., used in various industries of slurry of solid-liquid mixture conveyor, conveying pipeline in the process of wear, corrosion and fouling problem, such as: coal, mining, pulp, coal-water slurry transportation, thermal power plant fly ash conveying and dredging of rivers and lakes, municipal sewage drain mud, salt chemical slurry transportation, etc.
Thermal power: fly ash conveying, return water pipe.
Oil: crude oil, natural gas long-distance transmission.
Coal industry : pulverized coal transport, transport of coal water slurry.
Mining industry: transfer of tailings and mud, underground filling pipe.
River dredging: clear silt sand transport.
Chemical industry: transfer of corrosive medium.
Sea lake salt chemical industry: sea salt, brine transportation, etc.
Gas transmission pipeline has excellent resistance to impact, corrosion resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, good flexible, low temperature resistance, excellent resistance to freezing damage, the mechanical vibration, low settlement or an earthquake, can withstand a certain degree of impact and deformation without fracture, the pipe has high long running safety, therefore, can be in gas, natural gas, liquefied gas or other gas transportation plays an important role.
Fluid conveying pipeline can be used in various industries, such as: chemical transport: all kinds of corrosive medium of petroleum industry, crude oil, product oil conveying milk coastal ships, ports, pipe, seawater desalination, municipal water supply and drainage engineering. Has a unique low temperature impact resistance, in a cold environment and accident under the action of impact and freezing conditions, not brittle rupture occurred, therefore, water supply and drainage good safety.