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DRAGON attended China Mining Expo in Tianjin

Writer:Viola Number of visits: Date:2016-10-13

DRAGON Attended China Mining Expo in Tianjin


Shandong Yanggu Dragon New Material Co., Ltd. attended China Mining Expo Tianjin 2016.

With its 25 years service experience in Mining and the Shiny wear resistant UHMWPE pipes, UHMWPE plates and UHMWPE rods, Dragon attracts a lot of attentions.

What we do:

UHMWPE pipe: DN30 to  DN1200mm

UHMWPE lined steel pipe: DN100 to DN1200


 DRAGON UHMWPE pipe has advantage as below:


 Longer life time: the abrasion value is 4-7 times of HDPE pipe

 Non Scaling: it has very smooth surface and self-lubricating property

 High wear resistance and light weight means lower maintance cost, less down time.

Less frication loss:UHMWPE has friction coefficient of 0.05 (0.28 for HDPE), it means less friction, less pressure loss and greatly reduced energy input


Lower installation cost: light in weight and steel flange connection without welding machines

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