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Introduction to UHMWPE
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE or UPE) is a kind of engineering thermoplastic polymerized by Ethylene and Butadiene Monomer under the effect of Catalyzer.
Its molecular chain may contain as-many-as 400,000 carbon units.
The molecular weight (MW) of UHMWPE is the MW of ethylene multiplied by the number of ethylene groups [(CH2=CH2⟹-(CH2-CH2)n]  between 2 and 9.2 million g/mole.
History of UHMWPE
Since its advent in late 1960s, and because of its various outstanding performances, UHMWPE  has got widely attention, but it has also been limited in its development and applications since UHMWPE is especially unworkable.
In late 1970s, there were some research institutions and large companies began to industrialize the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene in the developed countries, like Japan, America, Germany ect..
Thus a prelude of large-scale applications of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene had opened. As every country intensified their research on it constantly, many molding methods had been developed such as sintering, plunger extrusion, screw extrusion, injection and so on, which made a foundation for the large-scale applications of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.
In China, we have some factories had started to produce ultra high molecular weight polyethylene in succession since the end of 1960s.
How Dragon develop UHMWPE pipe
Since the begining of 2000s, There are first several factories used extrusion tecnique to produce UHMWPE pipe. DRAGON UHMWPE is among the first factories to extrude UHMWPE pipe.
At first, UHMWPE pipe is only applied as mining slurry transmission for its high wear resistance, low friction loss, anti-rust properties.
Gradually, the applications are more extended to dredging, power plant, chemical industry, conveyor systems, food and grain industry, crude oil transmission, water discharge and supply, etc.
Though the demand of UHMWPE pipe is increasing, the production capacity was not enough for the hard and slow extrusion of UHMWPE pipe for its extremely high molecular weight.
DRAGON specially researched on the resin and extrusion machines/mould, got the extrusion quality and speed imrpove at least 30% and build 24 producion lines to meet the martket requirement.
To improve the connection quality, DRAGON worked with its Australian partner to do automatically flanging machine and fusion connection.
Thus, the improvements together engaged DRAGON to be unique in UHMWPE pipe production.
Now, DRAGON UHMWPE can manufacture:
DN 30 to DN 1200 UHMWPE pipe
DN 80 to DN 1200 lined steel pipe with all kinds of steel standard
DN 10 to DN 300 UHMWPE rods
10mm to 300 mm UHMWPE sheets
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