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UHMWPE Slurry Pipe

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UHMWPE Slurry pipe

What is UHMWPE

ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a linear polyethylene with molecular weight of over2.5X 10^6 g/mol, which is approximately ten times that of high density polyethylene resins (HDPE). The extremely high molecular weight of this resin offers superior performance of UHMWPE to any other thermal engineering plastic.

UHMWPE Pipe can be used as slurry pipe, mine tailing pipe, dredge pipe, wear resistance pipe, mine tailing slurry pipe, sand and mud slurry pipe, coal mine pipe.

Advantage of UHMWPE pipe

  • ultra high wear resistance
  • ultra impact resistance
  • ultra corrosion resistance
  • excellent self-lubrication
  • non-scaling
  • long life-span
  • easy installation
  • cost effective


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UHMWPE mining pipe

DRAGON, started in 2002, with 24 UHMWPE pipe production lines, overcame the difficulty of extrusion UHMWPE through improvement of equipment, formulation design, cooling system and technical parameters to achieve the continuous extrusion of UHMWPE pipe from DN30 to DN 1200 with molecular weight of 2.5 million to 9.2 million

Properties of UHMWPE pipe for mining

  • High Wear Resistance

         UHMWPE has the best wear resistant among all the engineering plastics. The higher molecular weight of the material is the more wear resistant of the UHMWPE pipeis. UHMWPE pipes are 4 to 7 times more wear                    resistant than PE 100 or Q235 carbon steel, 2.7times of SiMn 13 steel.Thus offers UHMWPE pipe longer life, less maintenance cost and downtime loss.



  • High impact strength, flexible and light

          The impact resistance of UHMWPE pipes is 5 times that of HDPE pipe, 2 times that of PC pipe and 10 times that of PTFE pipes.
          It means easy installation and less installation cost


  • Extremely smooth/ Non scaling / less pumping cost

         UHMWPE pipes have very smooth surfaces with low friction loss and high flow rate.
         Surface g roughness of UHMWPE pipe is 0.00022mm, which provides UHMWPE Pipe far superior anti-scaling properties to any other                 pipeline on the market today. It saved maintenance cost of acid cleaning pipes.

        UHMWPE has a friction coefficient of 0.05, compared to 0.28 for HDPE or 0.58 for Steel (ISO8295). Along with the benefits mentioned                 above, UHMWPE Pipes also offer significant cost savings through increased pumping efficiency.
        It means less friction loss, less pressure loss and greatly reduced energy inputs.


  •  High corrosion resistance

       For its saturated molecular structure, it has high chemical stability, resistance to all kinds of corrosive medium (acid, alkali, salt) and organic          solvent.    It will offer longer life than other pipelines in acid or corrosive applications.

  • Working temperature       

       -269 Degrees C to 85 degrees C.

  • Environmental friendly
  • UHMWPE is colorless, odorless and non-toxic.  UHMWPE pipe is extruded out from pure virgin UHMWPE unless some additives required by clients.

UHMWPE Slurry pipe applications

Mine Industrial: mineral mud conveying, high pressure water supply, gas supply pipeline underground coal mine.

Electric Power System: fly ash conveying of power plant, chemical water cycle and sulfur removal system.

Coal Mine Industry: coal powder/ pulverized coal,coal water slurry transportion, mine air supply, ventilation and drainage systems , and the desulphurization system

Chemical Industry: transmission of high corrosive medium, like strong acid, strong alkali, etc and conveying of bittern, salt slurry, crude salt of salt chemical 

Oil exploitation:transportation of crude oil and natural gas, waste water reinjection

Metallurgy Industry: conveying of coke powder, mineral powder, pulp and oil refining slag   

Dredging Projects: dredging work, sediment transportation of the river, lake, sea port, wharf, etc 

Marine Engineering: conveying of seawater, fresh water in desalination process

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