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dredging floater

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The hull of MDPE FLOATER is made from medium density polyethylene material with excellent flexibility, filled with high strength polyurethane foam inside.

With reasonable structure and good performance, the MDPE floater becomes the ideal substitution of the traditional steel floater for the floating dredging pipes.

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Characteristics of FLOATER

1.Good flexibility.

Excellent impact resistance, particularly suitable for constructions in open sea.

2. Light weight.

Easy to install and handle, lower costs for moving.

3. Higher corrosive resistance.

Longer working life, 3 times longer than steel floaters.

4. Lower costs.

The cost performance is better than steel floaters.

5.Good Toughness, divulsion resistance, shock resistance,wear-resistance,

Resistance to the wind and waves or strike from ships, can adapt to bad weather

6.Good property of self lubricity and small frictional factor.

Self-lubrication better than steel, brass with oil.It can’t form dirt in the medium with PH value of 9 or more, becuase of non-cohesive and non-scaling surface. 

MDPE plastic floaters are used to float UHMWPE pipeline, flexible hose, steel pipe or other pipes for dredging operations; be widely used in sea, lake or river dredging project.



1. 2 halves of floaters form 1 set, 2 sets of floaters form 1 pair. Halves connected by galvanized bolts, nuts and washers.
2. 1 pair of floaters could float 6 meter long steel dredging pipe and 1.5m long rubber hose.
11.8m uhmwpe dredging pipe need 3 pairs.
3. The floaters under the size of O.D4m*L4m are all available.
We Also supply UHMWPE pipe and rubber pipe
UHMWPE dredging pipe:DN30-DN1200mm 

Applications of FLOATERS

1. These floating bodies are floaters of uhmwpe dredging pipelines on the water.

2. Mainly used in offshore dredging, sand pumping vessel and oil gas transportation, etc.

3. MDPE floater is a high tech substitute of traditional steel floater.

4.MDPE floaters float UHMWPE dredging pipe.