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Dragon UHMWPE   is committed to attain excellence in all areas of its operations. We are determined to meet or exceed customer requirement through customer feedback, employees trainings and continual improvement on our products, service and processes.

This will be acheived by

Adhereing to our quality policy in actions and monitoring the results on regular intervals.
Ceaseless R&D in UHMWPE process technology, and absolute rigor in quality control.
Continuous cost reduction, improvement of productivity, and enhancement of product quality.
Evaluate customer complaints and take quick and effective countermeasures.
Departments to set targets, make plans, execute and evaluate to meet quality policy .
Evaluate customer's satisfaction, his future needs and try to meet them.
Quality Management

Dragon UHMWPE is responsible for the quality of all products sold by us. All Products are supported by the corporate quality staff.

Complaints on quality, delivery, technical support, customer service ,website , please email to: service@dragonuhmwpe.com