2019-03-12 14:24

Shandong Yanggu Dragon New Material (DRAGON UHMWPE) is focused on production, research and development of UHMWPE pipes, plates and rods since 2002. It has vast experience accumulated over decades in manufacturing and supplying products to mining, dredging, chemical, power plant-- well known as a relibale and professional partner.


Equipment & technology

Dragon has 24 UHMWPE pipe production lines, the biggest UHMWPE pipe manufacturer with self-owned lab

Dragon UHMWPE pipes flanges are not welded on the pipe, it is made from the pipe itself by semi-automatic flanging machine.



stable product quality , supply, the good faith management


Dragon also has stock pipe and fittings for urgent orders, also to reduce small order cost.

UHMWPE Application Area:

Dredging Pipe         Mine Concentrate Lines

Mining Pipe          Flying ash & bottom ash pipe

Mineral sands pipe     Corrosive fluid pipe

Mine tailings pipe     Conveying systems