Application of UHMWPE pipe

2019-03-12 14:27

UHMWPE pipes are widely used in the industries of dredging, mining, metallurgy, electric power, oil, textile, paper, food, chemical, mechanics, gas, tunneling ect.

Water supply and discharge pipe

UHMWPE pipe can be used as discharge pipe, underground water pipe, water pipe, drink water pipe ect.

UHMWPE pipe is extremely smooth enough to save more than 20% energy input for water transmission. Socket fusion welding and flexibility of UHMWPE offer the pipe stronger connection and easier installation

Transmission of Solid Particles and Powder

Rain processing, ore extraction, chemical materials, construction materials and so on.

Slurry Transportation

slurry from ore extraction, coal water mixture, slag from kinds of refining, salt slurry from salt industry, sludge from lake dredging, municipal sewage treatment and so on.

Fluid and Gas Transportation

UHMWPE pipe can be applied to transport kinds of strong corrosive liquids and gases, refined oil, crude oil, natural gas, liquid gas, coal gas ect.

Electrical Pipeline

with a good isolation property, UHMWPE pipe has an especially low tangent of dielectric phase angle, so it can be used to produce the cable pipeline working at the area between high frequency and ultra high frequency; it also can be used as the cable sleeve and so on.

Escape Passage pipeline

UHMWPE pipe outperform any other pipeline in impact resistance, it can be used in tunneling as escape passage pipe to save life.

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Application of UHMWPE pipe