how are you tell HDPE from UHMW

2021-08-21 11:57

How are you tell HDPE from UHMW ?

This question should clarify plate and pipe. There are HDPE plate and UHMW plate, there are HDPE pipe and UHMW pipe. These can be verified through related tests.

Without test, how to tell apart UHMW pipe from HDPE pipe visually?

Straight pipe UHMW VS HDPE: uhmwpe pipe can be only extruded with entire one color (pipe in black, or pipe in red, etc, without any other color strip shown on pipe surface), while, HDPE pipe can with blue or orange strip on black surface. See comparison pictures:

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When HDPE pipe is made in back without blue strip, how to tell them apart from UHMWPE pipe?

One method is to check the stub end welding ring. Originated from their molecular weight differences, HDPE pipe can not get flanging stub end by heating to pipe itself, it should be welded to a stub end. However, UHMWPE has a much longer polymer chains, with a more higher bond strength internally, thus, UHMWPE can get its flanging stub by heating to pipe end itself.

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