UHMWPE pipes application as Chemical pipeline

2021-10-07 13:23

Uhmwpe pipes application as Chemical pipeline

Why UHMWPE pipes are suitable for application as chemical pipelines? UHMWPE, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, is a thermoplastic engineering plastic, with an average molecular weight above 1.5×106 g/mol.

Dragon UHMWPE pipe, made from UHMWPE resin with average molecular weight above 3×106g/mol, is more super at wear resistant, and corrosion resistance.

lUHMWPE has a saturated molecular structure, extremely high chemical stability, and can withstand various corrosion media and organic solvents.

lUHMW PE is more corrosion resistant than polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, ABS and other plastics.

lIn addition to strong oxidizing acid, it can withstand various corrosive media (acids, alkali salts) and organic media (naphthalene solution) with a certain temperature and concentration range.

lAfter 30 days of infiltration in organic solvents at 20and 80, there is no abnormal appearance and almost no change in physical properties.

lWith UV stabilizer inside the materials, its life span is more than 30 years at rough ambient surroundings.