uhmwpe pipe used as brine transmission

2021-10-07 13:28

Uhmwpe pipe used as brine transmission

UHMWPE, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, is a thermoplastic engineering plastic, with an average molecular weight above 1.5×106 g/mol.

Dragon UHMWPE pipe, made from UHMWPE resin with average molecular weight above 3×106g/mol, is more super at wear resistance.

UHMWPE pipes are self-lubricating naturally due to the nature and the quantity of Van der Waal bonds.

Uhmwpe, is chemical inertness, which makes it possible for salt slurry and brine transport.

1.Sea salt transportation: In the process of sea salt production, large-scale pipelines are used to transport and wash the centralized salt pans, and small pipelines are used for semi-centralized salt pans. The mechanized salt yard transports the original salt to the factory building through a hydraulic pipeline of several kilometers in length. The salt chemical plant obtains ordinary refined salt products by crushing, washing and drying sea salt containing impurities, also known as refined salt. From the washing equipment, most of the factories adopt pipeline hydraulic conveyance, and sea salt is conveyed by steel pipes. It is impacted by mechanical and hydraulic friction, the salt particles are broken, and the proportion of powder salt in the original salt increases. The loss of powder and salt is serious, and the steel pipe conveying salt slurry is prone to scaling.

The use of UHMWPE Pipe can absorb impact energy and reduce the crushing of salt particles. At the same time, the wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes is much better than steel pipes, and the weight is light and the cold resistance is good, which greatly extends the sea salt transportation. The service life of the tube.

2. Brine transmission: There are many brine transmission pipelines in salt factories and alkali production plants. China ’s sea lake salt production is now changing the traditional open-ditch brine transmission method to pressure pipelines. The annual development of mineral salts is also constantly adding and modifying pipelines, brine The steel pipe used in the transmission pipeline is prone to oxidative corrosion and wear. The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance and are particularly suitable for brine transportation.