comparison between HDPE and UHMWPE pipe

2021-10-07 13:39

Comparison between HDPE and UHMWPE


HDPE is high density polyethylene

UHMWPE is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene


HDPE has short polymer chains compared to UHMWPE

UHMWPE has very long polymer chains

Molecular weight of polymer chains

The polymer chains of HDPE has low molecular weight than UHMWPE

UHMWPE polymer chains have very high molecular weight

Molecular weight of raw materials

HDPE with less than 500,000 g/mol

UHMWPE above 2000,000 g/mol; according to standard QB/T 2668.1-2017 Ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) pipes


HDPE can be shaped and welded using thermoplastic equipment (HDPE straight pipe is thermal welded onto HDPE stub)

UHMWPE can be fabricated and machined, while not suited to forming specific shapes and welding. (UHMWPE straight pipe get stub from the pipe itself through infrared heating)

Pipe Production speed

HDPE pipe: Approximately 8000~10000kgs/extrusion machine/day.  Vary from pipe size and extrusion machine capacity

UHMWPE pipe: Approximately 200~300kgs/extrusion machine/day. Vary from pipe size and extrusion machine capacity.


HDPE application

UHMWPE application

3D printing, can be shaped into any type of product that may need a sturdy and dense foundation

Machined into components like wear strips, chain guides, bumpers, bearings, guide rails, construction surface, outrigger pads.

water pipeline, sand dredging pipeline, mineral slurry transport liner.

Marine pile sleeve, dock fenders


High wear and corrosion resistance application at mineral slurry transport, sea water dredging, brine saline water transport, chemical pipeline at power plant.