UHMWPE pipe used as navigation light beacon pillar sleeve

2021-12-07 10:31

Marine Light Beacon pillar with UHMWPE sleeve / light house / light tower
The Light Beacon is a special mark to guide the navigation and location of the ships, mark the obstruction and warnings. Light Beacon is made up by the pillar, platform and foundation. The platform is used to install the signal lights to provide light and signals for the ships. The pillar is used to support the platform.
The UHMWPE pillar has advantages of corrosion resistance, maintenance free and longer service life, etc.
The viscosity molecular weight for the UHMWPE material is 3.0 million to 3.5 million. It has the superior properties of impact resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication and chemical resistance among the plastics. Furthermore, UHMWPE material is good at low temperature resistance. It can keep higher impact resistance at the temperature of -40ºC, and could work at -269ºC.
UHMWPE Light Tower Advantages:
1. Maintenance free: The UHMWPE Navigation Light House can be installed fast at the working site, and it is maintenance free without frequent painting. The foundation completely finds the solution for the sea water corrosion.
2. No mechanical construction: The UHMWPE Light House has split structure, which can be adjusted according to different heights. The height for each section is 0.75m to 1.0 m, with weight of 65kg to 150kg. It is easy for transportation and handling, without construction machinery.
3. Longer service life: The service life of UHMWPE Light House could be 10 times of steel beacon under same working condition.

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