UHMW-PE pipe for application of high wear mining slurry transport

2023-07-31 15:45

UHMW-PE pipe for application of high wear mining slurry transport

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) pipeline technology is becoming more and more mature in China, more and more projects use this kind of pipeline, it is becoming a new thermoplastic engineering plastic with moderate price and excellent performance, which almost focuses on the advantages of various plastics, wear resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, health, non-toxic, non-adhesion, non-water absorption and other comprehensive properties. It is a kind of ideal pipe, which is widely used by domestic metallurgical, electric power, chemical and other enterprises.


  1. UHMW-PE Pipeline characteristics


For water quality fluid, solid particles, powder, slurry, etc., traditional metal pipes are difficult to meet the requirements, but UHMW-PE pipe can take replace of it, with extremely high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, self-lubricating, impact absorption and other comprehensive properties, in various industries have a wide range of applications. It has unique advantages in the transportation of solid particles, powder, slurry and gas. Beijing Non-ferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute "plastic pipe wear test Report" pointed out that: with four different materials of the pipe, under the same diameter, flow rate, test materials, concentration conditions of the test, the results are: The average annual wear thickness of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene pipe is 11.5424mm/ year; Engineering grade polypropylene tube 13.5828mm/year; UHMW-PE 5.0104mm/year; Steel pipe 36.2424mm/ year.


The test result shows that the wear resistance of UHMWPE pipe is seven times higher than that of steel pipe. The unique molecular structure of UHMW-PE pipe has the advantages of extremely high anti-sliding friction ability and light weight, and the specific gravity of the unit pipe length is only one-eighth of the weight of the steel pipe, which is more convenient for loading and unloading, transportation and installation, and it can reduce the labor intensity of workers. UHMW-PE pipe has strong anti-aging and is not easy to aging for 50 years. It can not only be used on the ground, but also can be buried underground. And it can be installed through flanged. UHMW-PE pipeline is safe and convenient to install, and labor saving, no need to corrosion prevention, fully reflects the use of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipeline "energy saving, environmental protection, economic, efficient" advantages.

2. Application Effect


UHMW-PE pipeline in the transport of high wear mining slurry application.

The concentrator of Lunan Mining Company has an annual processing capacity of 900,000 tons, with complex ore properties. In order to improve the grade of concentrate, it has three closed circuit grinding, three flat surfaces, high-frequency vibration fine screen classification, eight magnetic channels, and heavy joint sorting, and the final concentrate is more than 90% of -200 mesh. The process is complicated, the usage amount of pipeline is large, and the wear of the pipeline is also extremely serious. In particular, the ore containing kaolin and other slime is easy to adhere to and block the pipeline. In order to ensure normal production and reduce the opening and stopping time caused by the pipeline, the company's engineering and technical personnel have been carrying out uninterrupted exploration and attempts to turn the above-ground pipeline to extend the service life. In particular, the environment in the corridor is humid, and the corrosion of the steel pipe is serious. The corrosion resistance is solved by replacing the steel pipe with ordinary high-density plastic pipe, but the pipe is not wear-resistant, and the use effect has been not ideal.

After that, the company has adopted UHMW-PE pipeline produced by Shandong Yanggu Dragon New Material Company to solve the problems of wear, corrosion and mine blocking during production.

UHMW-PE pipe is lightweight and flexible. In the narrow working environment, and in the case of not easy to use cranes and other lifting equipment, the UHMWPE pipe is convenient for manual operation; In the case of large output, tight tasks, short parking maintenance time, and faced with replacing large amount of pipeline works, it greatly shortens the construction period, reduces manpower and material resources, and improves work efficiency.