Dragon UHMWPE pipe for processing brine transport.

2023-11-16 13:35

Dragon UHMWPE pipe, a solution for processing brine transport.

UHMWPE materials performs better than ordinary PE at anti-scaling function, that is why UHMWPE pipe is an ideal solution for processing brine as lithium, magnesium, potash and table salt.


Non-adhesion (anti-scaling) is usually a function of three aspects working in conjunction – lubrication, surface roughness, and chemical inertness (uhmwpe is a lazy material).


Lubrication: all UHMWPE material products are self-lubricating naturally due to the nature and quantity of Van der Waal bonds.

Surface roughness: surface roughness of uhmwpe is Ra 0.16~0.22μm.

Chemical inertness: uhmwpe plate/pipe can be separately placed into hydrochloric acid (36%), phosphoric acid (40%), 93# petrol, glacial acetic acid (40%), and sodium hydroxide (40%) at temperature ranging from 20 to 80℃ for one week. It was found that there was no surface reaction in any of these instances.

This is a comparison between PE100 and Dragon UHMWPE pipe installed at the same Lithium mine for processing brine water transport: