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UHMWPE dredging pipe

DRAGON UHMWPE pipe is made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with viscosity-average molecular weight of 2.0 millioin to 9.2 million g/mol.


uhmwpe pipe and of to wear for dredging the




Wear resistant UHMWPE dredging pipe

DRAGON UHMWPE pipe is made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with viscosity-average molecular weight of 2.0 millioin to 9.2 million g/mol.
We manufacture the pipes with utilizing advanced extrusion technology.
DRAGON’s UHMWPE pipes have been widely applied in the fields of dredging, mining, chemical industry, power plant, water supply, food industry, conveyor systems, etc.
Diameter: ID 30 to ID 1200mm

Thickness: 3.5mm to 65mm

Length: 5.8m or 11.8m or customised length but suitable for transportation

For wear process, please inquire us to get right ID and thickness

Working pressure and required wear layer is basic requirement for thickness design

How to use UHMWPE dredging pipe:

1. Connect UHMWPE dredging pipe with floater and rubber pipe.

2. Every 12m UHMWPE dredging pipe needs 3pairs floaters for floating.

3. Every three UHMWPE dredging pipes connect one rubber hose for Buffer the distortion caused by wind and wave.

UHMWPE dredging pipe



High wear resistance
The wear resistance is 3 to 7 times of Q235 steel pipe or PE100 pipe

Which means :Longer Working life, Less Maintainence cost and Less downtime for pipe replacement and rotation

Samples before wear test     Samples after wear test

Four samples at the same size and same weight

Samples before wear testSamples before wear test


Test Results:

Average wear loss of DRAGON Wear pipe is 16.8%

Average wear loss of PE 100 is 56.1%


Extremely Smooth

Surface roughness of UHMWPE pipe is 0.00022mm superior to PTFE (Teflon).

UHMWPE has a friction coefficient of 0.05 compared to 0.28 for HDPE or 0.58 for steel (ISO 8295)

For its Exrtemely smooth surface, UHMWPe pipe has far superior anti scaling property to any other pipelines on the market curretly

Which means less friction loss, less pressure loss and greatly reduced energy inputs to deliver the same result.

   Shiny Smooth Dragon Wear Pipe        Random HDPE pipe

Shiny Smooth Dragon Wear PipeShiny Smooth Dragon Wear Pipe


High impact strength, flexible and light

UHMWPE is 5 times of oridinary PE pipes, 4 times than HDPE, 2 times of polycarbonate pipe, and 10 times of PTFE pipe.

It means easy installation and less installation cost

High corrosion resistance

For its saturated molecular structure, it has high chemical stability, resistance to all kinds of corrosive medium (acid, alkali, salt) and organic solvent.

It will offer longer life than other pipelines in acid or corrosive applications.

Unique Australian Flanging Technology

We used our Australian partner's automated flanging technology.

It is unique in the UHMWPE world which results in significant performance benefits.

Consistent and better than everyone else flanging quality, Fast, safe and efficient production.

UHMWPE dredging pipe



DRAGON UHMWPE Dredging pipe Specification

DRAGON UHMWPE Dredging pipe Specification




UHMWPE dredging pipe

Key Applications:
transmission of slurry in
mineral sands, mining tailings, mine concentration
fine sand, coral sand, mud, dredging, reclamation, marine construction,
Power plant
flying ash, bottom ash slurry, brine water
Chemical industry
corrosive water, sewage water

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