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UHMW-PE Marine Dock Fender

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Our UHMWPE Fender dimensions as below, and and customized is available

Size (L*W*T) Weight/kg Size (L*W*T) Weight/kg
4000*1000*10 40 4000*1000*100 400
4000*1000*15 60 4000*1000*150 600
4000*1000*20 80 4000*1000*200 800
4000*1000*25 100 4000*1000*250 1000
4000*1000*30 120 4000*1000*300 1200
4000*1000*35 140 4000*1000*350 1400
4000*1000*40 160 4000*1000*400 1600



· Very flat on the surface

· The thickness tolerance is +2-0, some made according to your requirement.

· Variety colors as white, black, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, and it can be done according to you.

· An accurate size of UHMW-PE sheet with advanced machine.

· Different shaped UHMW-PE Sheets also can be supplied by Abosn like bending sheet.

· According to different requirements with different application, special specification can be customized, like anti-UV, fire-resistant, anti-static and other characters

· Extremely high impact strength

· Excellent wear and abrasion resistance

· Optimal sliding properties

· Dimensional stability

· Energy absorption capacity at high loading rates

· High fatigue strength

· Water repellent

· Good chemical resistance

· Excellent electrical and dielectric properties

· Physiologically harmless 



Performance of UHMW-PE Marine Dock Fender

Test items Unit Results Test basis
Tensile yield strength Mpa 34.9 GB/T 1040-2006
Tensile breaking strength Mpa 38.8 GB/T 1040-1992
IZOD Impact strength KJ/m2 137 GB/T 1843-1996
Elongation(sample size :80*10*4mm) % 318 GB/T 1034-1998
Heat Deflection Temperature 96 GB/T 1663-2000
Melt Temperature 236 GB/T 1634-2001
Coefficient of friction --- 0.01 GB/T 0006 -2002
Ball indentation hardness N/mm2 42.3 GB/T 3398-1982
Density g/cm3 0.96 GB/T 1033-1986



· Low resistance sliding plates on fender panels

· Low resistance slinding panels for bridge and pier protection

· Corner protection for offshore structures, berths and other marin e facilities

· Harbour construction: Profiles on quay walls, rubbing blocks to cover wood and rubber

· Truck dock : Fender pads/blocks for dock protection

· Boats : Low friction bushings, rubbing/wear strips

· Floating docks : Wear pads where the dock meets pillage, bearing for the pivot ,fenders, slides.

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